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Hey guys, hope you’re week has gone well!

Surgery went well, there were a few complications but nothing to worry yourselves over! Everything is fine. I had to stay an extra day in the hospital, but i’m home now, resting up.

I will be inputting the missing embedded assessment tomorrow morning, those of you that submitted that work, you will be pleased of course. Those of you that never turned in the assignment, I hope this is a valuable lesson in always turning in your work and it’s importance to do so.

When I return we will begin the second section of unit 2. It is the beginning of the new nine weeks, time to hit the ground running as we’ve had several vacations and plenty of time off.

I will give you a larger update on my surgery when the time comes. See you all soon and have a wonderful long weekend.




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Okay, so I’m a little late, but hey! it’s the holiday break 😀

So seeing that our wonderful break is coming to an end in just TWO DAYS (insert cry here), I figured I would post something!!!

I know, I know, Ms. Fernandez hasn’t put up the grades yet. I assure you MOST will be up no later than sunday night, so you can all drive me crazy on Monday morning about yours grades. Merry christmas!

Now, in light of the new year, I will more than likely be asking you to write journal entries on your New Years Resolutions. So I hope you have a good one!!

What else?


No, I have not had surgery yet. I have gotten a few emails (of course, about the embedded assessments) and some of you have mentioned my surgery. The surgery date is January 14th, and I will be out from then until Tuesday January 22, at which time we will resume our regular class assignments and I will be meeting my new SAT class.

As far as sub work is concerned, expect plenty of work. I don’t want to hear any crying about this, the work will help you in your future, will give you grades (good ones if you complete it and do it right!), and enrich your brains! Plus, you’ve had a long break, no more lollygagging (google it).

You will have an entire week with me Jan. 7th until Jan. 11th, ANY questions and concerns about grades MUST be done this week, I will be finalizing the grade book January 11th, and submitting grades that same day. I have given you ample work this 9 weeks and aside from a couple extra grades you will receive the week we return, all your grades will be up to date and posted by sunday (monday night, latest). This gives you plenty of time to ask about grades.

I hope everyone had a great holiday break, and a beautiful new year!

See you soon!




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here is a very helpful website on how to establish an author/speaker’s tone, this will also help expand your “tone” vocabulary.

(click on the link, if it doesn’t work, copy and paste it into your web browser)



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Back in town!

Hello there my lovely owls,

Thank you for the birthday wishes, those of you that emailed me.

I am officially back in town, I will be back at school bright and early tomorrow.

I hope testing went well, and I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the time with the sub (those of you that had a sub).

Tomorrow is Halloween!!! I am very excited!!! In light of such an amazing holiday, we will be reading the scary gruesome stories of poe!!!

I will also be going over Embedded Assessment #2.

I will try to bring some pictures of my trip for all of you, as well.

Have a great day! See you all soon!

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Grades are up.

I was as lenient as possible on the embedded assessments.

If you see a zero in the grade book, and have a genuine concern for your grades, you have until 12:30pm tomorrow to find a way to see me. I am closing the grade book, and printing all your reports out by then.

Remember, those of you with unexcused absences, the grades remain a Zero because of that.

If you know you did not submit your assessment, do not bother turning it in now, it is too late, I gave plenty of time for it. Do not waste my time questioning your grade if you did not submit your work.

Most of you did an excellent job this 9 weeks. I am very proud of those students that took the time and effort to complete their work, and submit it on time.

If you did not put your name on your work, I could not grade it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will miss you all very much on my mini vacation and during my birthday.

Please be kind and considerate of your sub, and make sure to complete all the assigned work as it is imperative in order to complete your next embedded assessment, and it is a grade!

See you wednesday!!!!


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Other links!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has come to my attention that some of you seem very unaware of the links…on…the…right…side…of…this…website…………………………………


Take a moment to look on the right column, and actually read the list of class names I have provided for you. If you put your mouse over them, they suddenly become clickable. That being said, I highly suggest you click these links as they contain important information about your classes!


Thank you!


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