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Back in town!

Hello there my lovely owls,

Thank you for the birthday wishes, those of you that emailed me.

I am officially back in town, I will be back at school bright and early tomorrow.

I hope testing went well, and I hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the time with the sub (those of you that had a sub).

Tomorrow is Halloween!!! I am very excited!!! In light of such an amazing holiday, we will be reading the scary gruesome stories of poe!!!

I will also be going over Embedded Assessment #2.

I will try to bring some pictures of my trip for all of you, as well.

Have a great day! See you all soon!


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Grades are up.

I was as lenient as possible on the embedded assessments.

If you see a zero in the grade book, and have a genuine concern for your grades, you have until 12:30pm tomorrow to find a way to see me. I am closing the grade book, and printing all your reports out by then.

Remember, those of you with unexcused absences, the grades remain a Zero because of that.

If you know you did not submit your assessment, do not bother turning it in now, it is too late, I gave plenty of time for it. Do not waste my time questioning your grade if you did not submit your work.

Most of you did an excellent job this 9 weeks. I am very proud of those students that took the time and effort to complete their work, and submit it on time.

If you did not put your name on your work, I could not grade it.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will miss you all very much on my mini vacation and during my birthday.

Please be kind and considerate of your sub, and make sure to complete all the assigned work as it is imperative in order to complete your next embedded assessment, and it is a grade!

See you wednesday!!!!


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Other links!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It has come to my attention that some of you seem very unaware of the links…on…the…right…side…of…this…website…………………………………


Take a moment to look on the right column, and actually read the list of class names I have provided for you. If you put your mouse over them, they suddenly become clickable. That being said, I highly suggest you click these links as they contain important information about your classes!


Thank you!


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Transitional Words

For those of you having trouble with transitional words, here is a decent link that may help:





Have an excellent weekend!!!!

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Yes!!!!!!!!!! EXTRA CREDIT TIME!!!

This goes for all of my classes!

If you would like to receive extra credit, you may donate a book to our classroom library.

DISCLAIMER: THIS extra credit opportunity will only increase a previous quiz grade by two letter grades. It will not count as an extra grade in the grade book, but will replace a lower letter grade on a quiz by two letters. FOR EXAMPLE: if you received an “F” on a previous quiz (i.e. They Live The Dream), and you submit the used book to me, the grade will be changed to a “C”. It only counts for ONE PREVIOUS QUIZ. For my second period class, the same goes for our SAFMEDs quizzes, only ONE quiz can be changed.

For the record, no, if you bring in more than one book, I will NOT increase a grade in more than one quiz. Sorry.

DO NOT PURCHASE A NEW BOOK, it should be a previously owned (used) book of your own.

It MUST BE AGE APPROPRIATE (in other words, sorry, but no DR. SEUSS). I will accept anything that is appropriate for High School and above. 

You must ask your parents for permission first, it is a horrible thing to steal a book from your parents (especially if they are currently reading it!!!).

If you submit a book to the classroom library, and you happen to be in my Reading for College Success (period 2) class as well, I am sorry, but I need to be fair and can only give you extra credit for one of the classes, unless you bring in a second book. In which case, you may receive credit for both classes.

I will begin accepting books from October 8th until October 19th. THE LAST DAY IS FRIDAY OCTOBER 19TH, any book donated after that date will not be counted as extra credit. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!!

Thank you and I hope you take advantage of this opportunity!!!!!!

I look forward to seeing all the amazing books (you have hopefully read) you donate!!!

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”-Jorge Luis Borges

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I am very pleased to see the stats have shot up for this blog. This shows me just how dedicated and determined you all are to pass your class!

This week I went over several basic writing skills that should be put into use every day and perfected in all your work, especially on essays and any future work submitted to me, as well as other classes.

I have found this very helpful guide that may assist you, especially those of you that are still concerned with any errors you may commit in your writing.

please feel free to use this as a reference for your work!




I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Expect several grades to be up and possible extra credit updates by the end of the night.

See you back on monday!


P.s. To my football and baseball players, I was and am unable to make any sports activities this weekend. I am very sorry about this and I hope to be able to make it to future games! Good Luck and Go Lions! (insert Shadows voice!).

I have great faith in our excellent teams, and I am very proud of each and every one of you!!!




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